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Five days of collodion negative and printing

Wet Plate Collodion Negative process with Salt and Albumen Printing process

WHEN? 29th of July to 2nd of August 2015

WHERE? Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia, EU

WHO? It’s intended for experienced ambrotypists and tintypists who wants to take new step into the world of negatives and printing processes

Airports of Ljubljana, Zagreb and Trieste are one hour drive from the center of the world. Airports Venice and Klagenfurt are less then three hours drive. Transport from airports is available.

HOW MUCH? Five day workshop costs 650 EUR and that includes all material cost and most importantly taxes. It does not include food and accommodation.

Dolenjske Toplice are small touristic town with spa and wellness centre, so there are three hotels and numerous apartments. B&B costs 25 EUR per night, whereas four star hotel is from 40 EUR per night.


APPLICATION? The workshop is limited to six participants, so please hurry if you are interested by sending an email to borut@borutpeterlin.com

– Introduction to the processes
– The difference between wet plate collodion positive and negative
– Reviewing examples of negatives and prints we are expected to be making during the workshop
– Preparation of chemistry and cleaning plates
– The making of the first wet plate negatives

– Participants will learn how to make different densities of wet plate negatives
– How to redevelop a negative
– What light is appropriate for wet plate negative and how to work in inappropriate light
– Practicing a wet plate negative on still life
– Making a portrait with ambient light
– Making a portrait with studio flashes
– Getting familiar with outdoor workflow
– Varnishing glass negatives
– Preparing albumen for printing process
– Preparing gelatin for salt print process
– Seizing paper for salt print process
– Seizing paper for albumen print process

– Wet plate collodion expedition
– Working outdoor making wet plate negatives
– Learn how to calibrate chemistry for hot (or cold) temperatures
– Redeveloping of wet plate collodion negative
– The goal is that each participant will make several negatives with different densities for different printing processes
– Varnishing glass plates

– Salt printing
– Albumen printing
– Toning with goldchloride
– Waxing salt prints
– Silver Nitrate bath maintenance (kaolin, boiling with baking soda, filtering, adjusting pH,…)

A visit to Josip Pelikan Studio. This is a skylight studio from 1899 with an astonishing collection of cameras, lenses, darkroom, retouching table and so on. We will make a group photo in the studio, spend few great hours and at lunch time our workshop will end.

Each participant will receive a signed basic collodion manual of Mark Osterman and France Scully Osterman and few pages of notes with all the receipts and most important points to remember.

Project description

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