Feeling sorry for the super rich: Dougie Wallace / Harrodsburg / Vlog 112

This Photo Book Reaction is about Dougie Wallace and his book Harrodsburg. A story about the desperate super rich.​
If you want to buy the book I recommend to buy it at the Dewi Lewis Publishing House:…​

I started this vlog to draw comparisons about Jan van Eyck painting of Arnolfini Portrait and Dougie Wallace, but then I’ve edit it out, because I want to focus on photography. Nevertheless both artists are dealing with the same subject, rich showing their wealth in an attempt of gaining status. If Van Eyeck’s painting does serve good to the Arnolfini’s status, Wallace is slashing the myths of the rich, so the viewer feels sorry for these kind of people. Wonderful stories of art!

Let me know if you like this format, it will take another week or so to go back to the woods, so until then, I might make another photobook reaction.

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