I invite you to a portrait session in Josip Pelikan skylight studio. The studio was built in 1898 and Josip Pelikan was working in it from 1920 to his death 1977. Now it’s a part of Museum of Recent History Celje and with them I’m working on a project of reviving the studio by offering again a portrait sessions. You can visit the studio on Saturday 16th of January and I will make you a portrait in the nobel tradition of 19th Century. I will use an old bellow camera with photographic process wet plate collodion on glass also called as ambrotype. The ambrotype is unique photograph on glass, a very popular technique in years of 1860’s to 1890’s.

WHAT? A portrait on glass with the wet plate collodion process

WHERE? Studio Pelikan, Razlagova ulica 5, Celje, Slovenia, EU

WHEN? 16th of January 2016 between 10am and 1pm.

HOW MUCH? 60 EUR for an unique portrait on glass.

INFO: Reservations and more info by email: borut@borutpeterlin.com