2/3 Photography expedition in deep forest

Topshit Photo Safari, July 2015

Topshit Photo Safari, July 2015

This is the second out of three sequential workshops. In this workshop will do a photography expedition in deep forest, even to the edge of the oldest virgin forest in Europe. Out of respect we will not enter the virgin forest, but we will hike on it’s edge, the protected area surrounding the virgin forest that is just as photogenic. The transport for cameras, tripods and preprepared plates will be organised, hopefully with mules, also lodging, drinks and food will be organised. In the evening, under the stars, by the bone-fire, we will have a slide projection from 6×6 slides and a talk.


Two days photography expedition in deep forest, with lodging, food, drinks and transportation.


Kočevski rog, Slovenia.


30th of April and 1st of May, 2016.


The hiking photography expedition is open to all photographers, dealing with any kind of photography. We expect that we will have a nice mixture of dry collodion plate photographers, large format film photographers, film photographers and also digital photographers.


English and Slovenian


Two day workshop costs 250 EUR and that includes all material costs. It does not include food and accommodation.


The workshop is limited to ten participants and you get your place by paying the reservation of 50 EUR. The rest you pay at the start of the workshop. The reservation fee is not refundable.


Good hiking boots, clothes, photo gear and most importantly good will!


on my email borutpeterlin@gmail.com

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