A WET PLATE COLLODION EXPEDITION, 31st. July – 6th of August 2023


WHAT? A Wet Plate Collodion Expedition will be a whole week event in the wilderness of Slovenia’s forests, under the art direction of Borut Peterlin and guests Nejc Urankar, Shane Balkowitsch, Barbara Cataneo .

PHOTOGRAPHY? Wet plate collodion, dry plate collodion, albumen printing, salt printing, carbon printing, mordançage, silver-gelatine process, cyanotype, etc.

ACTIVITIES: Workshops, hiking tours, exhibitions, talks, projections and performances beside a bonfire with acoustic music.

WHO? For photographers and lovers of photography and their families!

WHEN? 31st of July – 6th of August 2023

WHERE? In the middle of Kočevski rog, Slovenia, in one of the deepest forests of Europe (LINK to Google Maps: 45°39’19.8″N 15°02’27.2″E)


ACCOMMODATION? Camping places and rooms will be available. Nearest B&B are 30 minutes drive in the valley.

FOOD & DRINKS? Food & drinks will be organised.

Seven day event is devoted to photography and environmentalism. Its purpose is to invite photographers and other photography lovers to spend a week in the middle of deep forest, far from civilisation, where not even mobile phone networks can reach you. During this weekend we will have hiking tours, exhibition in a cave, demonstration of various photographic processes, talks projections, survival techniques, herb picking for tea and creams, storytelling, observing stars and beside a bone fire and acoustic music enjoy the peacefulness of the eternal forest.

LANGUAGE? English and Slovenian

More information? Please email us to borutpeterlin@gmail.com


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