A Wet Plate Collodion Expedition will be a whole week event in the wilderness of Slovenia’s forests, under the art direction of Borut Peterlin. This kind of event will be happening for the fourth time, first in 2016, 2017 and 2022. As always we expect guests from all over the world.


Seven day event is devoted to photography and environmentalism. Its purpose is to invite photographers and other photography lovers to spend a week in the middle of deep forest, far from civilisation, where not even mobile phone networks can reach you. During this weekend we will have hiking tours, exhibition in a cave, demonstration of various photographic processes, talks projections, survival techniques, herb picking for tea and creams, storytelling, observing stars and beside a bone fire and acoustic music enjoy the peacefulness of the eternal forest. The whole week group will have the first day a workshop of wet plate collodion negative and positive process and later the week also printing processes of albumen and salt printing process. We will also demonstrate the newly invented non-toxic process by Calvin Grier, the polymer gum-printing. We will use digital negatives, so the printing process is just as useful for digital photography as for film and glass plate negatives. The demonstration will show all of the stages and we will print several prints with this process.


The theme of this year’s expeditions is Spirits & Ghosts and on Saturday we will exhibit the work we’ve created until then. The exhibition will be open for public.


Six days / 29th of July – 4th of August – from Monday to Sunday
The price for seven day workshop is 1200 EUR and includes all the materials for the workshop, food, non-alcoholic drinks and lodging in the cabin. If you would prefer to stay in the B&B hotel, the transportation there and back will be organised and it’s included in the price. The expense of the hotel is at your own cost.

The Weekend Group 500 EUR

Three days, from 4th – 6th of August – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
This group will be for those who can’t take the whole week off, but still want to enjoy photography of the 19th Century in the asylum of the ancient woodland. If you want to join as a wet plate collodion photographer, please bring all the equipment with you. If you would like just to make a plate or two, then you can do it also with our equipment. This is not a workshop group.


For other members of family is a 70% discount, which means 360 EUR per whole week and 150 EUR per weekend. This price includes expenses for food, drinks, lodging and transportation during the week.


Saturday evening the 3rd and Sunday, the 4th of August is free and open for public. On Saturday evening there will be an opening of exhibition and a talk of an artist. On Sunday we will have a workshop on camera obscura for kids, free of charge.

WHEN? 29th of July – 4th of August 2024

WHERE? In the middle of Kočevski rog, Slovenia, in one of the deepest forests of Europe (LINK to Google Maps: 45°39’19.8″N 15°02’27.2″E)

WHO? For photographers and lovers of photography and their families!

ACCOMMODATION? Camping places and rooms will be available. Nearest B&B is 30 minutes drive in the valley. We can provide the lift there and back.

FOOD & DRINKS? Food & non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price.

More information? Please email us to borutpeterlin@gmail.com